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Welcome to our bluetit diary for 2021

The nesting season for 2021 will be starting shortly.  I shall only have the original two boxes again this year - if Box3 were to be successful, it would have even more difficult to keep up with everything!

Both boxes were given their annual clean shortly before Christmas.  I didn't find any unhatched eggs in either box, but Box1 had the skeleton of a nearly full grown chick still in it.  I don't remember this happening before.

As regular readers of this web site will know, this is a diary of the breeding behaviour of blue (and occasionally great) tits in our garden in Mayford, Surrey since February 2001.  New readers can read a summary of what has happened in previous years by looking at the Overview page which gives the dates of the principal events, such as the start of nest building, egg laying, hatching and fledging, and the important statistics, such as how many eggs were laid, hatched and fledged.  Each year has its own Summary page which gives more details about that year's events.

In 2013, 2015 and 2016, two females laid their eggs into one nest, laying a total of 21 eggs in 2013, 18 eggs in 2015 and 17 in 2016.  To watch the two hens co-operating with incubating and feeding the chicks was a great privilege - I did not realise such things happened!

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Latest News

Wednesday 26th May, 2021

The three remaining chicks have now fledged.  This is a picture of the last reluctant chick who finally flew the nest at 8.20am today.

The other two chicks fledged earlier this morning.




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