Bluetit Diary    May 2007 (11)

Saturday 12th May (part2)

An interesting sequence of pictures were taken this afternoon.

This is Greta making a routine feeding visit.

Directly after she enters the box, a starling arrives and perches on the nest box entrance hole.

Greta immediately sits on the chicks - one of which is clearly rather slow on the uptake here!

The starling's bill looks a pretty fearsome weapon.

It does not cow Greta though.  She displays vigorously while her chicks keep well down.

Pretty soon the starling realises that it cannot get in ...

... and flies off.

A minute or so later, Greta is still there protecting her chicks.

She is still there 3 minutes later when Gustaf comes with food.

Gustaf ignores the gaping chicks and passes the food to Greta ...

... who promptly feeds the nearest chick ...

... which promptly upends itself in time honoured fashion to present a faecal sac for removal!

Both parents try to collect it ...

... but Gustaf wins the race ...

... and flies off with it.

It is another couple of minutes before Greta leaves the nest box.

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