Bluetit Diary    May 2007 (9)

Wednesday 9th May, 2007

After the disappointments with the bluetit chicks, it is nice to be able to report that Greta's brood is still doing well.

Here you can see all six chicks clamouring for food when Greta brings something for them to eat.

I don't think that Abby knows quite what has happened.  She has been back to the nest box several times today.  I suppose her understanding is not helped by the fact that as all the dead chicks were removed, the box is not contaminated by the dead bodies of the chicks.

Sometimes Angus comes too.  This picture is odd because if it wasn't so improbably, I would have bet that it was Angus in the nest cup and Abby standing outside it!

Another shot of Greta's six chicks.

How well the chicks co-operate with the parents to keep the nest box clean!  It's just as well though, imagine the scene if none of the faecal material was removed.  It doesn't bear thinking about!

Another faecal sac being removed from the nest box.

Abby or Angus pays another visit ...

... shortly followed by their partner!

"Where are my chicks?"

A last shot of Greta's healthy chicks!

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