luetit Diary 2011 -  May (6)

Thursday 5th May, 2011

After yesterday's excitement, just a brief update. The first three pictures were all taken at about 9.30am.

This was the state of Box1.  As you can see, there are still lots of eggs to hatch and only three chicks visible.
Box2 now has at least 6 chicks.  As these chicks started hatching out on 1st May, four days ago, if there are any unhatched eggs, then I expect them to stay that way.
Box3 is not quite so clear.  This looks like 6 chicks to me and I think I can see at least three eggs.  However, as they only started hatching yesterday, some of the remaining eggs may still contain viable chicks.
To finish, here are a couple of pictures of Will feeding Zoe in Box3.  I hope nothing upsets the sideways mounted camera in this box as this year it promises to produce some excellent pictures.

We have already caught a glimpse or two of the chicks straining up for food.  When they are a bit bigger I expect them to be clearly visible from the side.

The same view from the top.  Not quite the same impact!

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