Bluetit Diary    Apr 2013 (11)



Tuesday 23rd April 2013

Sally has laid her first egg!  Here she seems to be looking at it and wondering where it came from!  I wonder whether this is her first year as an adult, which would make this the first egg she has ever laid, or is she an old hand?

She doesn't look an old bluetit, though Scruff certainly does!

The egg by itself in the nest cup!

Sally making a celebratory nesting wriggle over her egg.

Scruff is still coming into the nest box.

Now Scruff does a nesting wriggle over the egg.

Six and a half hours later, and Scruff is bringing nesting material into the box.  As Sally built the nest, Scruff has missed out on this activity, so perhaps this is just her trying to satisfy a basic instinct.

It's now 8 o'clock in the evening.  However much Scruff occupies the nest box during the day, it is still Sally who roosts in the box overnight - and it is she who will presumably lay another egg first thing in the morning.

It is now ten past eight and Sally has her head firmly tucked under her wing for the night.