Bluetit Diary    Feb 2013 (1)



Saturday 2nd February 2013

We had an interesting visitor to Box3 today - a wren!

After hopping around outside for a short while ...

... this wren plucked up the courage to go into the box.

First just its head while it took a quick look ...

... and then it popped inside.

Wrens are attractive birds and I think this is not the first time one has been inside this box.  However, previous visits have come to nothing.

It didn't stay long this time either ...

... and it left the nest after a visit of only about 5 seconds.

I wonder whether it is looking for somewhere to roost or for a place to build a potential nest for a female?  (The male wren builds several skeleton nests and leaves it for the female to choose which one she will finish off and lay her eggs in.)