Bluetit Diary    Mar 2013 (1)



Friday 22nd March 2013

This cold and wet spring continues to delay the start of nest building.  It doesn't inhibit out long tailed tits from coming to the Fat Feeder though!

I think it's seven LTTs this time - but as they flit in and out of the feeder at high speed, it isn't always possible to tell how many of them there are.

Both Box1 and Box2 have a pair of bluetits in charge, but as the weather is so miserable, the females take out as much nesting material as they bring into their respective boxes.

Here is the Box1 female with a beak full of nesting material.

The Box2 incumbent frequently makes nesting wriggles, but so far she hasn't done anything except play at nest building.

This is Box2 on 22nd of March.  She hasn't much to show for her nesting building activity so far.

Neither has the owner of Box1 - in fact if anything, this box is even further behind schedule than is Box2!

Oh when will the warmer weather come?