Bluetit Diary    May 2013 (11)



Saturday 18th May 2013

Quite a lot of chicks have now hatched out in Box2.  There are too many to count accurately but it looks as though there are about 12.

Sally keeping the chicks warm.

Sam brings a mealworm for Sally.

All three parents in the nest box.  I still find that the harmony amongst this group of birds is amazing.  They don't appear to squabble at all now.

Lots of chicks!  I believe there are at least 12 chicks here.

Still, that leaves a lot of unhatched eggs!  Since the last of them was laid around 11th May, there is still a chance that some more will hatch.  However, a newly hatched chick would be so far behind the others in its development, that it would be unlikely to survive.



Sunday 19th May, 2013

Another day - another chick hatching - or is it?

There is something odd about this piece of shell.

Sally has picked up this piece of shell, but it looks more or less complete.  Has a chick hatched from it through an unusually small hole, leaving the rest of the shell intact, or is this a damaged, unhatched egg?

Sally places it out of the way towards the edge of the nest box.

The egg still looks complete, but it must have a hole it it for Sally to be able to pick it up in her beak.

By late afternoon, the shell is still where Sally left it - and it still looks like a more or less complete egg!

I don't suppose we will find out about this egg until the autumn clean up!

Finally for today, an unusual shot of Scruff who is having to spread her wings in order to cover the entire nest cup.

As far as we are aware, both females are still roosting in the nest box overnight.