Bluetit Diary    May 2013 (2)



Saturday 4th May 2013

This is the day's best picture of the eggs in Box2, and today's total looks like being 15.  That would mean that Sally has stopped laying, which since she has been incubating for a couple of days now is not surprising.

The extra egg will therefore be Scruff's.  But when does she lay her eggs?  The only thing that I can think of is that she does this early in the morning when Sally leaves the nest for the first time after her nightly roost.



Sunday 5th May, 2013

There are still only 8 eggs here in Box1.  Kelly seems to have stopped laying, having laid her last egg on Friday 3rd May.

Sam gives Sally an early morning feed in Box2.  Again, the food looks like a piece of mealworm.

Scruff is in the nest box too.

"I hope you are looking after my eggs properly!" she seems to be saying.

Two tails in the air!

Another feed for Sally.

Sixteen eggs?  It looks like it.

Scruff is still laying an egg a day then.

The most eggs we have ever had in one of our boxes before is 14 in 2011.  They were laid by two females too.  The largest number we have had laid by one female is 12 which were laid in Box2 in 2009.  Of this clutch, only 6 chicks fledged.

The largest number of chicks fledged from one clutch is 10 from 10 eggs in 2011.