Bluetit Diary    March 2017 (3)

Friday 3rd March, 2017

Things in Box2 seem to be progressing nicely.  This is yet another swap-over, Gerry being the bluetit at the top of the picture.

Here is Gerry doing yet another nesting wriggle.  She has bursts of frenzied activity when she goes in and out of the box, sometimes bringing in some nesting material, sometimes removing some and every now and again doing a nesting wriggle.

All as normal then!

Gerry bringing in some nesting material.  Will it stay there?  I doubt it!

"Now, where shall I put this?"

She carefully placed the moss on the floor of the nest box . . .

. . . and then did a nesting wriggle over it to mark the event.

This is the last shot we have of the nest box today - and as you can see, not much has changed from first thing this morning, in spite of all the activity inside the box!

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