Bluetit Diary    January 2018 (1)

Tuesday 2nd January, 2018

I cleared out Box1 and Box2 before Christmas, using the customary boiling water technique to kill off parasites etc., but hadn't got myself sufficiently well organised to start the diary before now.  After last year's fiasco, I have decided to give up on Box3 this year and concentrate on the other two boxes, which is where most of the action has taken place in recent years.

It looks as though Box1 has already been taken.  Here a bluetit approaches the box . . .

. . . and looks as though it might go inside.

However, it realises in time that the box is already spoken for . . .

. . . and decides to beat a hasty retreat.

Away it goes!

And this is the reason why!

Clearly this bird considers the box his nesting site - I hope he has a partner somewhere around!  Or is this the female?  I sometimes wish it were easier to tell the sexes apart!  But at this time of year there is very little difference in looks between them.

"This is MY box!"

"Keep out!"

He sits in the entrance hole looking out for some time.

He finally leaves after about 3 minutes.

Even then, he stays on the top of the nest box for a little while, just in case the intruder comes back!

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