Bluetit Diary    January 2018 (3)

Wednesday 10th January, 2018

Today we recorded a bird inside Box2.

First he perched on the roof and had a look around.

Then he flew down to the entrance . . .

. . . and finally he went inside.

So far I have been assuming this bird is male.  This is because normally the male finds the nesting place and attracts the female to it. 

This bird looks to be an old one - it does not have the pristine plumage that a young bird would have at this stage in the nesting season.

So far so good.

Here you can see the bird from close quarters.  It is definitely an old hand - a bit like the female we had here two years ago!  We'll see what sex it is later if it finds a partner.

At least it is going to be easily identifiable!

Yes - a very scruffy old bird!

Another close-up view. 

Away it goes!  Let's hope that this means we shall have a nest in this box again this year. 

Watch this space!

In Box1, the dispute about box ownership continues.  These two birds are not a couple!

This is what the bird in the box is doing - putting up a fierce defense of what it considers to be its terratory!

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