Bluetit Diary    March 2019 (6)

Sunday 17th March, 2019

There is now a week's gap as I have just come back from a walking holiday in the Algarve, Portugal.  It was lovely.  The coast reminded me of Cornwall, although the countryside at the top of the cliffs was very different.  And the weather was perfect!  Just acres of blue sky from dawn to dusk.  The only problem was the wind, with one day being particularly bad.  Still it made the sea rough for the surfers, of which there were many, and which were great fun to watch!

I got back this evening and turned on my PC to see what progress our birds have made. 

Nothing much seems to have happened in Box1.  I wouldn't call a solitary piece of moss progress! 

However, it seems as though Ann is roosting in her nest box now.  The reason I say it must be Ann and not Andy is because the box is still as clean as it was a week ago.  Although I suppose this could be the first time a bird has roosted here, so perhaps I am jumping to conclusions prematurely. 

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