Bluetit Diary    May 2019 (9)



Wednesday 15th May, 2019

It's remarkably early for us to see wing flapping, but this chick from Box1 is having a good old wing flap here!

Look at this beakful of little green caterpillars Andy has brought in! 

You can see how the wing feathers of this chick on the left of the picture are developing.  And all on a diet of caterpillars! 

In Box2, you can see how the chicks are now wandering all over the place.

Yet another feed for the Box2 chicks.

Surely these chicks will fledge pretty soon now.  The brood started hatching on 26th April and normally chicks take about 20 days between Hatching and fledging.  That implies they will fledge around the 16th May - that's tomorrow!

We shall see.