Bluetit Diary    Feb 2020 (9)



Friday 28th February, 2020

And another one.

This is Chloe curled up in the corner of the box.  It must be Chloe as she doesn't leave any mess overnight.  Last time there was a bird roosting in this box overnight, it was Chris (or another male) and he left a dreadful mess.

It's strange that Box2 is much less busy than Box1. Some days it does not have a single visit. Today there have been only three. Box1 frequently gets dozens of visit in one day.  I recently counted over 30 visits in a single day!



Saturday 29th February, 2020

At the moment, the moss that Chloe brought into the box a few days ago is still there.

But now Chloe is removing it again! This is quite normal behaviour, as anyone who has been reading this diary in the past will know.

So now the moss has gone!

The last shot of the month shows Chloe fast asleep in the corner again.