Bluetit Diary    Jan 2020 (4)



Sunday 12th January, 2020

A new day and another visitor for Box1.

At last, a bird in Box2 as well.  I presume it's a male?

He's standing tall and looking out of the entrance hole.  Presumably he's expecting his partner.

Here she comes!

And now she is inside. Progress!

Back to Box1. 

As it is now late afternoon, it is probable that this will be the male's last visit for the day.

Yes - he's roosting again.

It's probably a good idea to name the bluetits in both boxes, so from now on I shal try to refer to the birds in Box1 as Chloe and Chris, and those in Box2 as Daisy and Drake.  As you can see, last years alphabetic principal has been continued!