Bluetit Diary    Jan 2020 (8)



Saturday 18th January, 2020

There's been more fighting over Box1 today. However, it started quietly enough.

I though this would be just a normal visit.

However, it turned out to be a normal swap-over ...

... with the original occupier disappearing immediately.

Less than a minute later, the bird inside the box is clearly making hostile noises towards another potential visitor.

So what is happening? This doesn't look like another normal swap-over to me. The bird at the top is clearly upset by the newcomer ...

... but leaves immediately rather than staying to fight.

The other bird leaves 35 seconds later.

Another seemingly innocuous visit.

And another.

And a third!

But this one is not as innocent as it initially seemed.

So what is it - friend or foe? With a tail held like that it looks like a foe!

The second bird goes into the box and immediately the two start to fight.

However, the first bird doesn't put up with much of a defence and immediately leaves.

As you can see here!

Away it goes ...

... followed in short order by the victor!

None of these goings on seem to affect the fact that at the moment a bluetit is roosting in the box every night.

By half past four (when it is more or less dark outside) the rooster appears to be asleep.