Bluetit Diary    May 2020 (10)



Thursday 14th May, 2020

Something odd happened with Box1 today.  Nothing serious, but rather unusual.  It also gives me the opportunity to show a few pictures of bluetits in flight!

First, Chloe (I believe it was her, but it could have been Chris - or even I suppose another bird entirely!) came to the box, presumably with yet more food for her chicks.

She landed on the hole ...

 ... and started to go inside. 

Here you can see her beak and part of her head on the left hand side of the picture.

For some reason, she changes her mind and withdraws again.

 She then appears to look closely at what is happening in the box, first with one eye ...

 ... and then with the other.

Then she flies away!  There was nothing odd happening inside the nest box that I could see.

Off she goes

Pity I didn't catch the whole bird!

Although I now believe there must be 7 chicks it is not easy to see all at the same time.  You can only see 6 here.

And here.

And again here!

And there we will leave it for today.  I haven't seen 7 chicks today but I am convinced they were there yesterday.