Bluetit Diary    May 2020 (16)



Thursday 21st May, 2020

I don't quite know how he manages it, but so far Scrap has still managed to hold on!

Scrap spend most of his time being sat or stood on by the other chicks in the box.  Here he is nowhere to be seen.

Now you can see him in the bottom right corner of the picture.

It is still only half past nine in the morning.  Again, you can see him keeping a low profile when all of his siblings seem to be busy preening themselves.

It's now about a quarter past ten.  When I examined the video of which this is a still I could see from the slight movements of his body that he was still breathing

By midday, he had moved (or had been moved) a small distance in the nest cup.

This picture was taken at around 2.30pm and is one of the last pictures of him.  All the other chicks watch the entrance to the box intently as that is where their food comes from!

All the other 6 chicks seem lively and ready to go.

It's 3.20pm and I think it unlikely that any of the chicks will fly today.  I have always estimated they would not fledge before Saturday, but they are all so lively with a pretty full set of feathers, some of them may go tomorrow.

At the top left of this picture is Chris who has just brought another piece of food for the chicks.

It is now 4.30pm.  Things are calming down now as it is nearing the end of the chicks' day.  There is no sign of Scrap and I can only assume he has died and been buried in the detritus at the bottom of the nest cup.

6.30pm  The chicks are now all looking sleepy.  They only perk up when a parent comes with food!

8.30pm  The parents have stopped feeding the chicks and they are now all asleep or half asleep.

8.45pm  The last shot of the day.  Six sleepy chicks.  No sign of Scrap.