Bluetit Diary    Mar 2021 (1)



Monday 1st March, 2021

This looks like a great tit looking over Box2.  Still, I'd rather have a great tit than nothing!  The last time we had one was in 2008!

This looks like a bluetit that is different from our usual rather scruffy one.

It flies off without going in the box.

In Box1, Ella is still fussing around in her nest box.

She visits pretty regularly, although she isn't making much progress with her nest yet.  Still, there's plenty of time yet.

Sometimes she comes to the nest box bringing nothing at all ...

... but sometimes she brings small pieces of dried grass or straw.

This is a bigger bunch of nesting material than usual.  Nevertheless, it's nice to see her being busy around the nest.  I'm sure that when it is time she will complete the nest very quickly.



Tuesday 2nd March, 2021

This scruffy old bird is still around. There is still no sign that it has a partner though.

I wonder if I am right in saying that it is age that makes a bluetit look like this?  We have had a few like this in the past, but not many.