Bluetit Diary    Mar 2021 (6)



Sunday 14th March, 2021

There's little sign of nest building progress in either box, though at least in Box1 we have a resident pair!  The main story today is about when Ella got tangled up in some of the nesting material she had already brought into her box.

But before that, a short update about Box2.

It looks as though a great tit is interested in Box2.  I had hoped that removing the plate over the entrance that was restricting it to birds that could get through a 28mm hole, I would have some new visitors.  I think these are the only ones we have had so far!

The great tit looks inside the box ...

... and flies off a short while later. I wonder whether anything will come of this visit. It's not looking too hopeful as he didn't even try to go inside the box.

The episode in Box1 starts when Ella decides to leave the nest box having been messing about inside as usual.

She appears to have become caught up in some of her nesting material.

She decides to carry on regardless.

You can see that she is dragging some of the nesting material with her as she leaves.

Oh dear, is she caught in the nesting material?

It looks like it!

She is well and truly in a tangle ...

... so she turns to try to sort it out.

She collects the nesting material in her beak ...

... and just flies off with it.

Away she goes. Problem sorted!

Back in Box2, it looks as though the scruffy bird is paying one it's occasional visits.

In it goes.

I see it's just as scruffy as ever!

Having a look out of the box.

It's still there 30 seconds later.

It's off!