Bluetit Diary    Mar 2021 (11)



Monday 22nd March, 2021

Ella does another nesting wriggle.

And the pair have another swap-over.

Nearly two hours later, they do another.

Another visit to Box2 from Scruffy



Tuesday 23rd March, 2021

This time its the great tit that is back for another look.

He hops down onto the entrance, but he didn't go inside.

Ten minutes later he is back again.

This time Scruffy must have been watching as directly the great tit left, he is down on the entrance hole.

A short while later and he is in the box ...

... examining it more closely again.

Another swap-over.

Now this is not Scruffy - he is far too smart for that.

Ella is still slowly bringing in more nesting material. It is still moss, so she can't think she has finished the basic nest building process yet.

She never seems to know quite what to do with it.

Just over two hours later, the smart bluetit is back investigating Box2.