Bluetit Diary    May 2007 (17)

Thursday 17th May (part2)

Several minutes have passed and this chick is still trying to pluck up the courage.  He is leaning so far out that he is in danger of falling!

From inside, it looks as though he has gone already.

"Boring - he'll never go!"

By now, I think the chick really is slipping out of the box.

Hey - remember that you have wings!

Instinct clicks in - and he is away.  The first chick is flying for the first time in its short life.

What a fantastic change in such a short time.  Remember, just 20 days ago this chick was a feeble pink thing that had just fought its way out of the egg it was laid in, and could barely hold its head up to take food when it was offered by its parents.

Number two chick lines itself up.

"Do you think these wings will work then?"

"What's it like out there?  It looks scary to me!"

"On your head be it!  We don't want to have anything to do with it!"

It's always the same.  After a chick has left the nest the remaining chicks often look frightened and run for the security of the nest cup

After 5 minutes prevarication, this chick is actually about to leave home for ever.

Chicks never return to the nest box after they fledge.

And away flies the second chick.

"You won't catch us doing anything as stupid as that!  What on earth did he think he was doing!"


Dad comes back to give the remaining chicks another pep talk.

They are unmoved and at the end of the day they are settling down for another night in their nest box home.

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