Bluetit Diary 2011 -  May (3)

Wednesday 4th May, 2011

This is the day of the big hatch!

At the start of the day all the eggs in Box1 are still intact.
But what's this?  Amy's eggs aren't supposed to start hatching for a couple of days yet! 

All the messing about around the 20th April, to settle which female was going the incubate these eggs, must have been more effective in incubating them than I imagined.

Amy flew out with the egg shell - so we can see her chick.  It still appears to have a piece of shell on its head, like a hat!
Amy has managed to get hold of it now.
Joe appears to have discovered what has happened very quickly - after all it's only 7 minutes since Amy flew out with the first piece of shell.

It looks as though he has some food for the chick already.

Amy is trying to feed the chick.
Now it's Zoe's turn.  Well, at least I got that date right!
One small chick in Box3 begging for food.

But where is Will?

This is another of Amy's chicks hatching - it's all happening today!
This time Amy is eating the shell.
While Amy thinks about going outside, Joe arrives with food for the chicks.
Now two of the large clutch of eggs that Amy is sitting on have hatched.  I wonder how many more will hatch?

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