Bluetit Diary 2011 -  May (4)

Wednesday 4th May, 2011 (cont)

Over in Box3, Will brings Zoe some food for the chicks.
Now he is aware of the situation, he seems to be coming with food quite frequently. 

I hope that means that there is plenty of food about.  After all, we have had so little rain here since the beginning of March that this is difficult to predict.

Another visit from Will ...
... and another.  That's three visits in just 20 minutes - not bad for just one chick!
A couple of hours have passed and here to the left of Zoe's head you can see another chick in the process of hatching out.
Zoe has managed to pick up the shell, so the chick must now be fully out of the egg.
This time Zoe eats the egg shell.
Two eggs have hatched so far - or should that be chicks have hatched out?
Is this a third?
Will appears to feed Zoe while partially standing on her.  You can see his right foot in the middle of her back!
With all the toing and froing it is not surprising that sometimes there are near collisions!

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