Bluetit Diary    Jan 2013 (2)



Saturday 5th January 2013

Now that peace has returned to Box1, so have the bluetits!

Another visit outside.

He looks as though he thinks he owns it!



Sunday 6th January, 2012

Another day, another visit to Box1.

This time he goes into the box.

Although Box1 has been cleaned and Box3 does not need cleaning, Box2 is still as it was left at the end of last season.

Still, that doesn't stop this bluetit from taking a look inside.

An hour later, Box2 gets another look over.

So things are getting serious - and down comes the box for its annual clean ...

... and just as with Box1, the local bluetit comes to investigate.



Monday 7th January, 2013

As well as removing the old bedding, I also clean out inside the box by pouring boiling water into it.  This kills any remaining mites left inside.

The box is then left inside our house overnight to dry properly before being remounted.

This bluetit looks as though it is getting impatient!


"Come on - its been light for hours!"

That's better!

The box is back again and bluetit life returns to normal.

It's a bit cleaner now isn't it?

The view's not bad either.  Just the place you are looking for!  You had better grab it while the goings good.

Here's hoping for another successful year in this box too.