Bluetit Diary    Jan 2013 (1)



Thursday 3rd January 2013

At the start of the new season, the warmer weather is making our birds think that Spring is on its way.  I'd better get the box cleaning started!

A closer look is required.

He doesn't go inside though.



Friday 4th January, 2013

Box cleaning this year started with Box1.  As I was removing the box I could hear a very cross bluetit shouting its head off in the tree beside me.

As soon as I left, he was down to inspect.

This is Box3. The box wasn't used last year.  The early signs were good and we had at least one fight for possession inside the box, but unfortunately our next door neighbour had fencing put up and a car port built on the other side of the hedge in the early part of the year and this was enough to put our birds off the thought of nesting there in 2012.

Well, at least that saved me the bother of cleaning the box out!

And this visit today shows that the site is still a possibility for this year.  A good, well positioned box will always attract an enterprising bluetit.

Incidentally, the hole is big enough for a great tit but so far no great tits have taken much interest in it.

A different view of the same visit.

"Can I hear something?", he seems to be saying.

Nothing serious anyway.