Bluetit Diary    Jun 2013 (2)



Sunday 2nd June 2013

Sally has a mealworm for the twelve chicks ...

... with the (more or less) inevitable consequences!

There are definitely 12 chicks here.  They are starting to wander out of the nest cup and all over the bottom of the nest box.  They will be fledging in a few days.



Monday 3rd June 2013

An unusual shot of the chicks in the middle of the afternoon.  It must be siesta time!

Eleven chicks can clearly be seen.  The twelfth chick can just be seen buried at the bottom right of the picture.

The chicks are still sleeping, but the twelfth chick is a bit more obvious at the edge of the nest cup on the right near the bottom.  It is the only chick not facing the entrance hole.

Wing flapping exercises.  It is now pretty late (a quarter to nine) and most of the chicks are settling down for the night.