Bluetit Diary    Jun 2013 (3)



Tuesday 4th June 2013

An early morning (well for us anyway!) shot showing the way the chicks are now wandering all over the floor of the nest box.  They will be fledging soon!

Another shot of the 12 chicks.  (One is hidden as usual at the bottom right of the picture.)

A more subdued group.  It is now nearly 10 o'clock and the chicks initial hunger pangs must have been satisfied!

Twelve chicks.

A feed, I think from Sally. 

How to practise flying in a nest box!  It is quite amazing to think that these chicks must be able to fly, and be strong enough to fly, immediately they leave the nest box.

Another feed - from Sally again?

The chicks look almost as big as the adults now.  And rather more smartly dressed!

This time it's Scruff with the food.  Although it was Sally who built the nest, I think Scruff has been the more diligent mother to the chicks.

This time I think it is Sam feeding the chicks.  Parents always seem to have a favourite spot to stand in when feeding chicks.  With only two parents, this is easy to arrange and avoids potential collisions when coming into the nest box.  Even with three parents, they each seem to have a favourite place.

A good shot of all 12 chicks.

An even better one.  It is now about half past seven and the chicks are preparing for what may be their last night in the nest box.  Do they know it?  I doubt it!

The last picture of the day.  It is just after 9pm and all good chicks should have been asleep long ago!