Bluetit Diary    May 2013 (7)



Sunday 12th May 2013

Sally and Scruff both appear to be roosting in the nest box these days.  Just in case something had happened after we had turned the system off for the night, tonight we decided to have a brief look at the box before we went to bed ourselves.

This was what we saw - the two females fast asleep together in the nest box - and both sitting on the eggs!  They seem to be co-operating beautifully!



Tuesday 14th May 2013

I'm expecting Sally's eggs to start hatching any day soon - perhaps even today.

Both females are sitting on the eggs, apparently without quarrelling about it at all!

Shortly after 10 o'clock, Sam brings a mealworm to the nest box.

He doesn't seem to mind who he feeds, but merely passes it to the nearest female.

This time is appears to be Scruff who is given the mealworm.

She gets off the nest ...

... and gets ready to leave the nest box.

Off she goes!  Apparently co-operation is all very well, but it doesn't extend to sharing mealworms!

It's now about half past five and there are no signs of any of the eggs hatching.

Shortly before shutdown at half past eight, both females are back sitting on the eggs and preparing for the night.