Bluetit Diary    May 2013 (8)



Wednesday 15th May 2013

It's now half past nine in the morning, and Sam comes into the box with another mealworm.

This time it's Sally who gets given the prize.

There then seems to be a minor tussle between the two of them to see who gets to eat it.

I'm not quite sure whether this is Sally or Scruff with the mealworm.  Whichever of them it is, they again feel the need to take it outside to eat.

Off she goes!

No sign of any eggs hatching yet either!

This sequence is repeated whenever we put out mealworms for the birds.

Again, it is Sally who gets the mealworm.

The two of them both try to take the mealworm for themselves.  It's all very ladylike though, there is no actual fighting at all!

This time I think it is Scruff who ends up with it.

This shot was taken shortly after seven o'clock.  There is no sign of any eggs hatching.  Perhaps the cold weather and the fact that it is difficult for one bird to cover all the eggs, means that incubation will take longer than usual.

I hope there is nothing more serious behind it than that!