Bluetit Diary    May 2019 (12)



Saturday 18th May, 2019

This was the site that greeted me in Box2 when I got up this morning.  I had expected that the chicks might fledge first thing so I left my computer on and set the iCatcher system to power up at 5am.  Unfortunately, I did not anticipate the fact that Microsoft wanted to install updates during the night and therefore rebooted the computer.  I therefore lost any record of this family of chicks fledging,

At least there is another one in Box1!

It is difficult to see what is happening in Box1.  When I got back from Italy on Sunday 12th May there were clearly 9 chicks, all of which appeared to be thriving.  There were still 9 chicks on  Tuesday 14th.  But now?  Who knows!

I don't think this picture is any clearer either.

I've just invented a collective noun for chicks - a muddle of chicks describes it beautifully!