Bluetit Diary    Jan 2020 (10)



Tuesday 28th January, 2020

It's been over a week since I last recorded the antics of the bluetits in this box as I have been having a very enjoyable break visiting a friend who lives near Manchester, where Elizabeth & I lived for the first three years of our marriage.

And what a mess Box1 has become in that time!

That's not just bird poo. There must have been more fights over the box while I have been away!

So what's been happening in Box2?  Here is another visitor to that box.

It is presumably Drake.  Now he's looking up at the camera.

And now at the entrance hole. Is Daisy coming?

Yes - here she comes ...

... but this time Drake didn't go immediately.

He doesn't wait for long though - less than a second!

So Daisy is now on her own.

Drake again. He looks smarter than Daisy - younger perhaps?

Crouching down as normal in anticipation of Daisy arriving.

But Daisy doesn't appear - so after a short while he goes to have a look.

He seems to be satisfied by what he saw (or heard?) so he returns ...

... and waits ...

... and again, nothing happens!

Drake is back again.

Again, he crouches down in expectation of a visit from Daisy - but again, she doesn't enter the box.

She's on the hole though, even if she doesn't go inside for some reason.

Finally, he can't be bothered to wait any longer ...

... so he leaves - and nearly knocks her off her perch!