Bluetit Diary    Jan 2020 (11)



Friday 31st January, 2020

What do you think about this? It looks as though Chloe is clearing up the mess in the nest box! You can see a small dried piece of bird poo in her beak.  I have observed this behaviour before and it is always the female who clears up the mess made by the male!

Having disposed of that piece outside the box, she is back for another one.

And now a third piece!

By the end of the afternoon, you can see a great improvement. The stains are still there, but most of the mess has gone!

Back in Box2 there has been another visit by Drake.

Again, he crouches down in anticipation of Daisy's entrance.

This time his patience has been rewarded.

In she comes ...

... and out he goes ...

... leaving Daisy with the box to herself.

She doesn't stay long before she leaves as well.