Bluetit Diary    Mar 2020 (10)



Tuesday 17th March, 2020

The trouble is, at this time of year our bluetits spend a lot of time appearing to be busy, but in fact doing not a lot.  It's almost as though they have found their nest site and want to make sure some other bird doesn't try to grab it, but it's too early to get on with breeding.  So they fuss about, taking stuff into the box and then taking it out again.  In the past, I have seen a complete nest built from scratch in a couple of days, so it can be done rapidly when necessary!

Well, most of the nesting material in Box1 is still there.

There's no real change in Box2 either.

This is Daisy in Box2 with some nesting material.

She seems to take a little while to work out what to do with it.

Having finally dropped it, Daisy decides to do a nesting wriggle.

A lovely shot of Chloe also doing a nesting wriggle. She's obviously done this nest building lark before.

Chloe with a big bundle of moss.

However, Box1 doesn't look much different at the end of the day!

Chloe curled up for the night. She usually comes into the box to roost at dusk.

Daisy is not roosting in Box2, and the state of the nest here doesn't seem to have changed much either.