Bluetit Diary    Mar 2020 (11)



Wednesday 18th March, 2020

Box2 is much the same this morning.

But life continues - here Daisy and Drake are doing a swap-over.

Once Daisy is left by herself in the box, she does a nesting wriggle.

There's also been no real change in Box1, in spite of all the activity there.

We haven't seen much of Chris recently. However, here he is looking for Chloe.

Another lovely nesting wriggle by Chloe.

Here's Chloe with another piece of moss.

If it wasn't so early, you could almost kid yourself that this was the beginnings of the nest cup in Box2!

Again, you can see that there has been no significant change in Box1 today.

In Box2, however, Daisy is still bringing moss into the nest box. Here she is with another load.

The birds in both boxes always seem to be bringing nesting material into their boxes, but they must be removing it again as frequently as the boxes don't seem to get any fuller!

Although Chloe has been roosting in Box1 for some time, there is no sign of Daisy roosting in Box2 yet.