Bluetit Diary    May 2020 (5)



Thursday 7th May, 2020

A quick look at Box1 to see how that box is faring, shows us that there are still unhatched eggs there.  How many is not so clear!

On the other hand the chicks in Box2 seem to be OK so far.  So far there still seems to be no sign of Drake, so unless I am mistaken these chicks will not survive to fledge in about 18 days time. 

For now, though, it looks as though at least 7 of the potential 8 chicks are still active.

As you would expect, Daisy has some food with her when she returns to the nest box

And after the lucky chick has eaten it, it produces a fecal sac for Daisy to remove.

After that, she settles down on the chicks again.  Unfortunately, as it is reasonably warm, what the chicks need most of all is food!

There is still the one remaining egg of course. 

In Box1 there are at least 2 unhatched eggs.

And Chris is still doing his bit - thank goodness!

This looks like two eggs.

But in this picture, I think you can see there are at least 3 eggs left unhatched.  I would be surprised if any of them hatch now.  There is too big a gap for this to be reasonable.

Clearly at least three eggs have yet to hatch.

It's now 1 o'clock in the afternoon and 7 of Daisy's chicks still seem to be alive and active.  But Daisy is not getting food for them very often, so I think it is only a matter of time.

Only 6 chicks here, but they are all shouting for food!

The same is true at the end of the afternoon - 6 hungry chicks.

At 7 o'clock Chloe's 3 eggs are still in one piece.  It is odd how quiet the chicks are when compared with the chicks in Box2.  Is it just that they have full stomachs or is it a difference of temprement?

This shot was taken at twenty to eight.  It is strange that at this time Daisy is not with them.  Perhaps she realises they need food more than comfort!  However, although she comes in from time to time, she hasn't been as frequently as Drake had before he disappeared on Tuesday morning.

What will tomorrow bring for Box2?