Bluetit Diary    May 2020 (6)



Friday 8th May, 2020

Box1 still has three unhatched eggs.  I think it very unlikely that they will hatch out at this late stage.  It is far too long since the last egg hatched for this to be a possibility.

When I switched on this morning and looked at Box2, this is what greeted me.  What could be more normal than for Daisy to be sitting on her chicks?

It was a bit more worrying that a quarter of an hour passed before she got off the nest and thought about getting some food for them!

Still, when she did go out, 6 chicks were visible, all of which appeared to be pretty active - and hungry!

She was back in less then 5 minutes with food ...

  ... that she fed to a lucky chick.

Disappointingly, instead of going off again for more food, she settled down on the nest cup again.

It was 10 minutes later that she left the nest again, presumably looking for more food.

After about 5 minutes she was back again.

Again, it was 7 minutes before she went foraging again.

This time she was back in a couple of minutes - the problem does not seem to be that food is not available!

This pattern continued throughout the day.  However, at about 6 o'clock the 6 chicks were still all active and begging for more!

This shot was the last the system took today.  The time is 7.40pm and although it only shows 5 beaks, they were all pretty active ones.  The only thing that surprises me is that Daisy is still outside, rather than settling down for the night.

This is the last shot taken of Box1.  It was taken a little earlier as the Box1 timer switches off a bit earlier than the one controlling Box2.