Bluetit Diary    Dec 2020 (1)



Monday 14th December, 2020

This is my first post of a new season.  In the autumn, I built a new PC to replace the one I used in the Spring, so to get it to the point of being able to post something is very pleasing!

Box1 has a visitor!

Today is the first day Box1 has been back up since it was cleaned - and we already have a visitor!

As usual, a new visitor is having a good look around once he decided to risk going into the box.

And he takes a good look at the view from the entrance hole too.

Looking at the view from the entrance hole.

Away he goes!

So far there have been no visitors to Box2.



Thursday 17th December, 2020

Another visitor to Box1. Is this the same bird as last time?



Monday 21st December, 2020

Another visitor to Box1.

This time he suddenly crouched in the corner of the box - a sure sign that he is expecting a visit from his partner

In she comes ...

... and out goes the male ...

 ... leaving the female to explore the box for herself. She looks an older bird - she is a bit careworn - and this is only the start of the breeding season!