Bluetit Diary    Dec 2020 (2)



Tuesday 29th December, 2020

This is Box2 - and it looks as though a bluetit is interested in it.  He's a smart bird too.

He takes a closer look.

Will he enter the box?

It looks like it!

But no.  Perhaps not.

For some reason, he's raising his head feathers.  He is probably disturbed by something.  These early visits to a new potential nesting site must be potentially dangerous.

A minute later, he has calmed down again.

A quarter of an hour later he's back again.

Again, he looks inside the box ...

 ... and looks around - for his partner perhaps?

However, she was nowhere to be seen and he soon flew off.



Thursday 31st December, 2020

Another visit to Box2 a couple of days later.  Again, he didn't go inside the box.