Bluetit Diary    Mar 2021 (3)



Thursday 4th March, 2021

Life in Box1 continues as usual. This is another swap-over ...

... followed by another nesting wriggle.

Ella has reverted to bringing in dry grasses again.



Friday 5th March, 2021

Another swap-over ...

... followed by another nesting wriggle. Well, at least it all helps the pair bond!

And another!



Sunday 7th March, 2021

A visit to Box2 by a different bluetit.

A couple of hours later, it's back again.

Two days may have passed, but the nesting material in Box1 doesn't look any more voluminous!



Monday 8th March, 2021

A starling is investigating Box1. Quite why, I'm not too sure. It can't be for his own nest, but I suppose he could be trying to find hatched chicks inside to obtain for food for his own brood!

Coming into land!

This starling appears to be trying to hover while he explores the entrance hole by sticking his beak inside it. Just as well there is nowhere there for him to perch!

You can just see the tip of his beak on the left of the picture. When he realised there was nothing there for him he flew off again.



Tuesday 9th March, 2021

This time it's a nuthatch that is investigating.  At least it is probably looking for a site for its own nest.  However, the 28mm hole is too small for him.

He turns away before flying off again.  Nuthatches are lovely birds.  Wouldn't it be nice to have one nesting here?!

Now which bluetit is this?

It is behaving like Ernie it that it is not messing about with the nesting material ...

... but I think it looks like Ella, judging by the white band at the back of her head.

Here's another picture to show you what I mean. The white band has an area at the back of her head where it almost vanishes. Ernie does not took like that. His band is continuous.