Bluetit Diary    Mar 2021 (4)



Thursday 11th March,2021

We've had one of the occasional visits from Scruff in Box2 today.  He (or she) still doesn't seem to have a partner and time is running out.  Most couples are paired by this stage.

In Box1 it was business as usual.

Well, if it keeps them happy!  (This was an hour and a half later.)

This time Ella followed the swap-over by a nesting wriggle ...

... and then another!

Now, which of our two bluetits is this?  I think it is Ella as the white band around her head is wide with a dark patch in it directly behind her head.



Friday 12th March, 2021

This looks like Ernie to me. Look at his white head band. It is narrow and uniform.

It must have been Ernie as here comes Ella - and of course Ernie immediately leaves the box.

I'm not sure which of Ella and Ernie this is - assuming it is either one or the other of course!|

Whichever it is, it flies down to the entrance ...

... overshoots slightly ...

... and instantly corrects itself as though it was born to it. (Which of course it was!)

I love these pictures of our birds in flight!

Ella (for I think it is she) then messes about at the entrance - pecking at the box, sticking her head and sometimes half her body inside and then taking it out again, etc - for nearly two minutes. I haven't a clue what she thinks she is doing. She appeared to be about to go inside several times but each time she changed her mind and withdrew.

Eventually she does go inside ...

... and does a nesting wriggle, which proves it was Ella and not Ernie!