Bluetit Diary    Mar 2021 (14)



Saturday 27th March, 2021

Scruffy still goes into Box2 pretty frequently. There is still no sign of a partner though.

This was a second visit a couple of hours later.

Ella is now bringing feathers into Box1.  She must think her nest is nearly complete.

An hour later, she's brought another one.

As usual, she just throws the feather onto the floor.



Sunday 28th March, 2021

Another day has passed and Box2 is still empty.



Monday 29th March, 2021

It's now two days later and as you can see, Ella's nest is complete.

Perhaps it could do with a few more feathers, but if she thinks they are needed I'm sure Ella will add them in due course.

By the end of the day, the nest is looking pretty good!



Tuesday 30th March, 2021

No change!

As you can see, Ella is still adding to the nest from time to time.

In particular, you can see that she is still adding feathers ...

... and sometimes, more straw!

I missed whatever it was outside the box to cause this display of Ella's.

Perhaps there was a foreign bird on top of the box, out of sight of the camera.

That's where he was just three minutes later.

I took a quick peek at Ella later that evening, just to make sure everything looked OK - and it did!



Wednesday 31st March, 2021

What a lot of feathers!

However, there has been no change in Box2.  The situation here does not look promising.