Bluetit Diary    May 2007 (5)

Friday 4th May (part2)

What's happening in Abby's nest - we need some good news after Fay and Morgan's tragedy.

No sign of any eggs hatching here yet.

This looks like a third dead chick being removed from Fay's nest box.

And yet another of Fay's eggs is hatching.  What on earth could the chicks be dying of?  If it is some kind of infection, I suppose they could all succumb eventually.

Some good news - the first of Abby's eggs is cracking open.

Thirty five seconds later, you can see the pink chick inside.

Both parents come to watch what is happening.

Angus has brought a LGC but he has to wait with it in his beak as Abby deals with the eggshell.

The first good view of the newly hatched chick.

Forty five minutes later, a second egg hatches.

It is now towards the end of the afternoon.  Fay appears to have 4 chicks and 2 unhatched eggs.  That means the four chicks have died and been removed.

Let's hope for better news tomorrow!

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