Summary of Events - 2005

The diary started this year on Thursday 3rd January.

  Box1 Box2
5 Jan Camera on - first visit (old nest still there) Monitoring started
11 Jan   Tree partially blown over during night 
31 Jan Visits continue at the rate of one or two a day No monitoring
6 Feb Regular visits to the entrance hole  
7 Feb   Box moved to nearby oak.  External view only.
8 Feb   Frequent visits seen by the external camera
19 Feb   Internal camera view restored
11 Mar   First moss bought into box - and then removed!
16 Mar   Another bout of nest building
19 Mar Mating takes place inside nest box  
25 Mar Carlos (the male) starts roosting in box overnight  
26 Mar Megan (female) clears out droppings left by Carlos  
1 Apr   Nest building started in earnest!
3 Apr Great tit very interested in nest box
Bluetit mating again takes place in box
5 Apr No sign of nest building in what is now a pretty messy nest box Nest more or less completed.  Kelly roosts in box overnight for the first time.
9 Apr Box cleaned and hole enlarged.  Male great tit inspects box. 
Carlos prevented from roosting
10 Apr Female great tit inspects box & starts nest building  
11 Apr Carlos driven away by Babe (female great tit)  
13 Apr Nest building more or less completed! FIRST EGG for Kelly
14 Apr   Egg 2
15 Apr   Egg 3
16 Apr Nuthatch driven off by Babe (female great tit) Egg 4
17 Apr Carlos thinks about re-entering the nest Egg 5
18 Apr   Egg 6
19 Apr   Egg 7
20 Apr   Egg 8
21 Apr Babe roosts in the box for the first time Kelly starts to incubate the eggs
22 Apr FIRST EGG for Babe  
23 Apr Egg 2  
24 Apr Egg 3  
25 Apr Egg 4  
26 Apr Egg 5  
27 Apr Babe starts incubation  
4 May   Kelly's eggs start hatching - 2 left by end of day
5 May   Remaining eggs hatch
9 May Babe's eggs hatch. Four early and one at 3pm First faint sounds of cheeping from chicks
17 May   Chick's eyes clearly now open
19 May   First wing flapping observed
25 May   All 6 chicks fledged between 7.00 and 9.30 am
29 May The first chick fledges at about 8:25 am  
30 May The other chicks fledge between 9.51 and 9.53 am  

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