Summary of Events - 2012

The diary started this year on Thursday 3rd January.

  Box1 Box2 Box3
1 Jan Bird observed in nest box    
4 Jan     Fight in box.
27 Jan Two birds observed in box Two birds observed in box  
7 Feb   First nesting material brought to box  
19 Feb Nesting material brought to box    
24 Feb   First nesting wriggle  
6 Mar   Fight for possession of box  
23 Mar   First feathers added to nest  
25 Mar   Pink fluff again!  
28 Mar   Nest more or less finished Two birds observed in box
29 Mar Bob feeds Becky in box for the first time    
3 Apr   Jess starts roosting in her box  
5 Apr Becky starts roosting in her box    
8 Apr     Brief fight in box.
10 Apr   FIRST EGG!  
11 Apr   Egg 2  
12 Apr   Egg 3  
13 Apr   Egg 4  
14 Apr FIRST EGG! Egg 5  
15 Apr Egg 2 Egg 6  
16 Apr   Egg 7  
17 Apr   Egg 8  
18 Apr   Egg 9 - partial incubation from about 2pm  
19 Apr   Incubating from about 11.30am  
26 Apr Becky now has at least 9 eggs and started to incubate at about 2.30pm    
27 Apr Becky shows us she has 10 eggs    
1 May   Seven of Jess's eggs hatch!  
2 May   The remaining two eggs hatch  
3 May   All nine chicks still alive.  
4 May   A chick accidentally gets thrown out of the nest cup and dies an hour or two later.  
6 May   Only seven gapes now visible - another chick must have died.  
8 May   Only six gapes can now be seen.  
10 May Two of Becky's eggs hatch. Remaining 6 chicks appear to be doing well  
11 May Another egg hatches.    
12 May A fourth very small chick hatches out.    
13 May Only 3 chicks now visible.    
14 May No more eggs hatch.    
16 May Visit from GSW.  Attacked by bluetit!    
18 May Another visit from the GSW. First wing flapping session  
20 May Third and final visit from the GSW. Wing flapping now common  
21 May   Chicks wandering all over floor of nest box.  
22 May   Two chicks fledged at 18.38 and the other four an hour later - the latest fledging we can remember.  
28 May Wing flapping.    
30 May The first chick fledges 8:47 and other two fledge within the hour.    

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