Summary of Events - 2020

The diary started this year on Tuesday 6th January 2020.

  Box1  -  Chloe & Chris Box2  -  Daisy & Drake
2 Jan Box cleaned and remounted. Box cleaned and remounted.
6 Jan Bird stuck head into box but didn't enter  
7 Jan First visitors.  Fight in box!  
8 Jan Non-fighting pair in box.  Rooster.  
10 Jan First swap-over.  Another fight.  Another rooster.  
11 Jan Box getting messy - rooster must be Chris.  
12 Jan   First visitor.  First swap-over!
17 Jan   Daisy & Drake active around box.
18 Jan Another fight in box.  
22-26 Jan Away in Manchester.  
31 Jan Chloe cleans up the box. Daisy & Drake active in & around box.
3 Feb Chloe roosting in box.  
7 Feb A few pieces of nesting material in Box1. Still none in Box2.
14 Feb First nesting wriggle.  
15-22 Feb Away in Avignon, France.  
23 Feb No change in Box1 No nesting material in Box2.
25 Feb   First pieces of dry hay brought into box.
26 Feb More substantial nesting material.  
28 Feb Chloe is roosting in the nest box.  
11 Mar Chis feeds Chloe in the box for the first time  
17 Mar Chloe still regularly roosting in the box. Daisy is not yet roosting in the box.
1 Apr Although there has been much activity, neither nest box yet has nesting material covering the floor.  
3 Apr   Daisy has finished covering the floor.
6 Apr Chloe has now covered the floor of her box.  
9 Apr Nest finished. Nest finished
10 Apr   Daisy roosts in the box for the first time.
12 Apr   Possible egg - probably a false alarm!
14 Apr Chloe, who had stopped roosting some days ago, now restarts. First egg - deduced, not seen.
16 Apr First egg - deduced, not seen  
17 Apr Two eggs seen!  
19 Apr Four eggs seen!  
20 Apr Egg 5  
21 Apr Egg 6 Eight eggs clearly seen - partial incubation started
22 Apr Egg 7 presumed. Egg 9 - the last one.
23 Apr Egg 8 - Incubation started Incubation well under way.
24 Apr Egg 9 - the last one! Incubation continues.  
5 May Chloe's eggs start to hatch Daisy's eggs start to hatch. Drake disappears.
6 May At least 3 chicks have hatched. 8 chicks have hatched. 1 unhatched egg left.  Still no sign of Drake.
7 May 6 chicks and 3 unhatched eggs left. 7 chicks still active, but very hungry.
8 May The 3 eggs have still not hatched. 6 chicks still active and asking to be fed.
9 May   All the chicks are dead - 6 before the day starts, the other 2 during the day.
10 May 6 chicks all OK The box is empty save for the unhatched egg.
13 May 7 chicks now visible!  

16 May

First observed wing flapping  
19 May The smallest chick names as Scrap.  
21 May Last time Scrap is seen alive.  
22 May First chick looks outside the box.  
23 May First chick fledges at 7.23am  
24 May The rest of the chicks fledge between 6.07 and 6.32am
No sign of Scrap's body, or of unhatched eggs.

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