Summary of Events - 2019

The diary started this year on Tuesday 1st January 2019.

  Box1 - Ann & Andy Box2 - Bella & Ben Box3
1 Jan Nest box empty Nest box empty  
19 Jan Box has a visitor    
9 Feb A few bits of nesting material have appeared  
11 Feb First observed swap-over    
12 Feb First nesting wriggle    
26 Feb A male birds roosts in the box & leaves a mess    
28 Feb   Still nothing happening in  this box  
1 Mar Ann now roosting - having cleaned the box first.    
4 Mar   Bella starts to bring in nesting material  
8 Mar   Nest building well under way  
9 Mar Still no significant nesting material Steady progress with nest building  
10-17 Mar On holiday in Portugal    
17 Mar Ann still roosting every night    
20 Mar Ann now bringing in nesting material    
22 Mar Half the floor now covered Bella making steady progress with nest  
24 Mar   First feathers brought into nest box  
29 Mar Nest still nowhere near complete Nest appears finished - finished with lots of feathers  
31 Mar Still no feathers, though floor now covered Bella starting to roost in box  
3 Apr   FIRST EGG - clearly visible!  
4 Apr   2nd egg (presumed)  
5 Apr   3rd egg (presumed)  
6 Apr   4th egg (presumed)  
7 Apr   5th egg (presumed)  
8 Apr   6th egg (presumed)  
9 Apr   7th egg (presumed)  
10 Apr   8th egg (presumed)  
11 Apr   9th egg (presumed)  
12 Apr   10th egg (presumed)  
13 Apr FIRST EGG - clearly visible 11th egg clearly visible & partial incubation started  
14 Apr 2nd egg (presumed) Partial incubation  
15 Apr 3rd egg (partially visible) Full incubation started around 10.45am  
16 Apr 4th egg (presumed) Full incubation well under way  
17 Apr 5th egg (presumed)    
18 Apr 6th egg clearly visible    
19 Apr 7th egg clearly visible    
20 Apr 8th egg clearly visible.  Partial incubation started.    
21 Apr 9th egg    
22 Apr 10th egg.  Full incubation under way.    
23 Apr 11th egg    
26 Apr   Bella's eggs start hatching  
27 Apr   At least 3 eggs not hatched  
28 Apr   All the eggs have hatched  
1 May   All 11 chicks are alive and appear to be thriving  
4 May Ann's eggs start hatching    
12 May   Furious wing flapping (probably not the first time!)
Now only 8 chicks in nest box
14 May Eyes opening    
15 May Wing flapping (This is really early!)    
17 May   One chick fledged before switch-on  
18 May   The remaining 7 chicks fledged first thing in the morning  
24 May First five chicks fledged    
25 May Final four chicks fledged first thing    

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