Summary of Events - 2008

The diary started this year on Thursday 3rd January.

  Box1 Box2 Box3
7 Nov Monitoring started.  Wood shavings put inside nest box Monitoring started. Wood shavings put inside nest box  
13 Nov     First recorded visit to outside - a bluetit
16 Nov   First bird inside - a bluetit  
22 Nov Cable damaged by squirrel.  Repaired and placed in cable ducting    
19 Dec     First bird inside - a bluetit
28 Dec   Bluetit starts to remove shavings  
11 Jun First bird inside - a bluetit    
12 Jan   Dispute between bluetits about ownership of box  
30 Jan     Box moved 10ft right and external camera added.
6 Feb Unnoticed by us, great tit managed to squeeze inside box.  Box needed bulb change - also took opportunity to remove shavings.    
10 Feb   Bluetit has now removed almost all the  wood shavings  
11 Feb     Box getting visited again following its change of location
24 Feb Hole plate changed from 28mm to 32mm.  Great tit immediately took over box much to bluetits disgust..    
25 Feb Great tit roosts in box overnight   First bluetit inside after box moved.
11 Mar   Nest building started  
17 Mar   First observed nesting wriggle  
26 Mar Nest building started   First observed nesting wriggle (in empty box!)
27 Mar Gelda defends box from bluetits    
29 Mar Gelda starts roosting regularly  in box   Nest building started
6 Apr Nest nearing completion    
7 Apr   Joe fed Sally in nest box  
8 Apr Final touches to nest (fluff & feathers)    
10 Apr     Great tit goes inside box!  Evicted by Angus
12 Apr   Nest finished off with feathers & fluff  
15 Apr     Nest nearing completion - still needs feathers and fluff
18 Apr   FIRST EGG!  
19 Apr   Egg 2  
20 Apr   Egg 3  
21 Apr   Egg 4  
22 Apr FIRST EGG! Egg 5  
23 Apr Egg 2 Egg 6 Great tit explores inside nest box again. No sign of Abby or Angus.
24 Apr Egg 3 Egg 7  
25 Apr Egg 4 Egg 8  
26 Apr Egg 5    Start of incubation Egg 9  Partial incubation started  
27 Apr   Egg 10.    Start of incubation Abby and Angus appear to have given up
28 Apr   Egg 11 Great tit visits box
1 May Box1's nesting material disturbed - Gelda has disappeared.   Great tit does nesting wriggle inside box
4 May     More nesting wriggles
5 May Great tit goes into box and looks at eggs    
7 May     More nesting material brought into box. Freda roosts overnight for first time.
9 May   First 7 eggs hatch FIRST EGG!
10 May   Two(?) more eggs hatch Egg 2
11 May     Egg 3
12 May     Egg 4
13 May     Egg 5 - Start of incubation
14 May   First sight of eyes opening  
20 May   First wing flapping observed  
25 May     First three eggs hatch
26 May     The other two eggs hatch
28 May   6 chicks fledged around 7:15am
4 chicks fledged about 10:05am
Ken visiting the nest box infrequently.
Freda removes a dead chick.
29 May     No sign of Ken all day.
Freda removes a second dead chick.
30 May     No sign of Freda or Ken.
No sign of life from any of the chicks

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